What is a "Courageous Conversation" (CC)? A CC is the one you don't want to have. In fact, the best CC for you is probably the one you haven't even thought of having. Take a minute now - what's the hardest conversation you can imagine having? And with whom? What is it you're holding back? When you've got it....keep reading.... It's also a conversation that can transform your relationships, and set you free. How Do I Know I Need One? Well - are ALL your relationships great? With your partner? Your family? Your boss and staff? If they are anything less than wonderful, chances are you have something 'withheld' - that once expressed could set you both free. We can help you have that conversation with some practical and time proven tools about how to plan for it, approach it and bravely, have it! Why choose Balanced Coaching and Conflict Management? Experience: We have over twenty years’ experience intervening in all kinds of conflict in all kinds of settings. Expertise: Our approach is both expert-based and facilitative. We customize our coaching and training to your unique needs. We never tell you what to do. What we do is help you explore powerful perspectives to consider when it comes to better understanding your situation now, and help you develop skills to more effectively manage conflict in the future. Working with us is easy. Part of the appeal of conflict coaching is the flexibility with which it can be scheduled and the individual focus it offers. All of our services - Coaching, Training, Facilitating, Ombuds and Mediation - are straightforward and results-focused and personalized for you..
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