About Merle Rockwell... “Thanks for being my coach. You have been the best one I have ever had and I appreciate you. Your patience with me when I was not prepared or didn’t really know what we were going to talk about. -Your ability to relate to what I was talking about without judging. It was about me and you didn’t infuse yourself into the conversation unless you had relevant experience to offer.” Rich B. Former Director at Nasa Goddard 300 “Merle is an outstanding trainer, mediator, and coach. Her ability to speak with and listen empathetically to people from all walks of life made the Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County a national demonstration project in community mediation. She is creative in helping clients find solutions that meet their deepest needs.” Carolyn P. Former Judge, current Founder & Mediator, Beyond Dispute Associates “When you are with Merle it is totally different. It is like sitting in the front of a canoe on a beautiful lake, paddling along through your work and your life, with someone calm, supportive and clear-thinking right behind you. She helps you keep your canoe floating straight, even when currents or rocks might want to steer you to one direction or another. We enjoy the scenery and the adventure together...Before I was doing a lot of disconnected projects. Now, because of Merle, I have a coherent business with vision. Merle is really a treasure.” Jane S. Adult educator and expert in adult Jewish learning “Coaching has been so valuable in helping me to explore opportunities for personal growth. Merle was excellent! She guided me in clearly defining and prioritizing my goals and identifying ways to remove barriers to achieving them, while encouraging me throughout the process. She's been a great personal cheerleader.” Tiffany W. Govt. employee “Merle Rockwell worked with a diverse group of local government agency heads to craft a collaborative service delivery model. In plain English: Merle was able to lead the group to a win/win solution to a problem.” Dan M. Board Member at Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center “Merle brings to the world of coaching a unique balance of intelligence, compassion, and something sorely lacking in today's world....grace… Truly an enviable quality. If you don't know this woman (and her husband, Ed)....your life is missing something.” Brian O. MMC, PCC President at Myriad Performance Services, Inc. Our conversations helped me to look at myself from outside, to review specific situations that I did not handle well, to analyze what is causing/triggering my behavior, to commit to self-control and mindfulness. I changed the way how I communicated with my team, how I was preparing for the team meetings and presentations and changed the way how I write e-mails. M.K. Astrophysicist , Space Weather Laboratory NASA Goddard
About Ed Modell... “Ed brings a passion for members and an action-orientation to his role on the ICF Board. He understands the grass-roots of our International Association having been a key member of his local Metro DC Chapter and over the past couple of years has been involved with Chapters across the globe. Ed is committed, hard-working and ethical in all his dealings.” Karen T. Australia, Past President, International Coach Federation “What makes Ed so effective – and likeable – is his ability to connect with people in a meaningful way. He listens, and never seems harried even if he’s juggling multiple balls. It’s this natural ability to connect with people that makes him such a good coach and confidant.” Dan M. Certified Association Executive “The word that comes to mind when I think of Ed Modell is authentic. Whether he's facilitating a conflict coaching group, presenting at a local ICF chapter, or lending an ear to a fellow coach, Ed is present, connected, compassionate, and engaged. He goes the extra mile to make good things happen for others. He embodies the essence of great leadership, coaching, and friendship. It's a pleasure to know and recommend Ed Modell.” Camille H. Senior Associate/Certified Coach at LaMountain & Associates “What a pleasure to recommend Ed Modell. Ed is a committed, dedicated, and mission driven coach/consultant. Ed will give toward you and your organization in a way that makes you feel that he belongs with you and for you. His heart is totally in his work and through that he shares extraordinary knowledge and wisdom from throughout the ages. Ed is a wonderful man, a personal friend, and a revered leader in the coaching community. Parker Mabry, Leadership Coach and Life Strategist. Parker M. M.A., PCC, BCC
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