Mediation Services Conflict is everywhere in our lives. Sometimes we manage it well. Other times we might benefit by having some help! Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process that brings people in conflict (‘the parties’) together, and gives them an opportunity to talk about their differences in a non-judgmental way with the help of a trained mediator. It provides an alternative to police and court intervention. A mediator is a neutral third party whose role in the mediation is to encourage the parties to communicate their concerns effectively so that they are able to focus on resolving their issues and reaching agreement. A mediator does not act as a judge, lawyer or psychologist. Mediators don’t make decisions, offer legal advice or provide counseling. Through communication and understanding, mediators guide the parties through a discussion of their issues and help them brainstorm solutions. In mediation, parties reach their OWN agreement together with the help of a mediator so there are no winners or losers. At the end of mediation, parties are given a written copy of their agreement which is drafted by the mediator. Mediation is right for you if: You have a neighborhood, household, school related, landlord-tenant, workplace, personal or organizational conflict. You want to resolve it peacefully. You are looking for help without involving the police or courts. You are willing to share your side of the story and hear what the other party has to say
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