Business Services Balanced Coaching & Conflict Management offers a variety of business services, including Group Facilitation, Training and Ombuds. Each of these are further explained below. Group Facilitation What is Facilitation? Facilitation is any activity that makes tasks for others easy, or tasks that are assisted. Advantages of Group Facilitation Improved productivity Heightened group motivation, commitment and confidence Better climate for radical change Optimized group dynamics The Role of Facilitator We have a role within the group which comes down to the three following headings. The role of the facilitator is to ensure that the group works as a constructive and cohesive unit. This task has three parts: Leadership Focus: To provide a focus for the group when the leader fails to fulfill their role. Stimulate and Support: To encourage constructive dialogue between group members and to encourage full participation. Team Building: To form a cohesive, interactive and productive team. Referee Regulation: To maintain order of the group discussion, discouraging participants from talking at the same time, or dominating the floor. Protect Members: To ensure that all contributions to the discussion are treated equally, that no-one is rebuffed for their input or allowed to “hijack” a conversation. Timekeeper: To adhere to the meeting timetable thus ensuring completion of the agenda. Neutral Pragmatic: To take a detached look at the discussion and then look at each point on its merits. Encourage Feedback: To promote discussion of each point raised, by all members of the group. Training Our trainings are individually designed to be hands on usable, not something that you attend and forget when you walk out the door. How many times have you attended a training program where you are told what to do and how to do it but you were not given the opportunity to really learn and integrate the material being taught? Or even how to apply what you have learned in your own work or personal environment? We design and deliver training programs in conflict management coaching skills for experienced coaches and for mediators who have no other coaching experience as well as managers who want to learn more effective methods for supervising their employees. Our trainings are unique in that they not only involve several days of face-to- face, highly interactive workshops with opportunities to utilize the Core Competency skills of coaching’ they are followed by multiple supervision and mentoring sessions in person, by telephone and Skype to provide the needed reinforcement and deepening of skills over time. When we train you or your team, we want you to feel supported and empowered to actually use the skills you have learned in our training. Ombuds What are Ombuds Services? An Ombuds (sometimes referred to as an Organizational Ombudsman) is an independent, neutral and impartial, confidential and informal resource person who assists organizations to resolve concerns or challenge in a productive and constructive manner. Ombuds work with both individuals and groups, and design their services to meet the needs of those involved in the conflict. The services offered by an Ombuds may include coaching, mediation, meeting facilitation and training in, for example, communication skills. Ombuds always serve as advocates for a fair process rather than taking sides in a dispute. Balanced Coaching and Conflict Management personnel have the experience and expertise in creating Ombuds programs for organizations as well as in providing the actual Ombuds services on a contractual or consulting basis.
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